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Loco Product Range

At LOCO, we bring you three cream-y alternatives-
Dollop Creamy, Sour Creamy and Thickened Creamy.
Think whipped, dolloped, spooned, splashed, or simmered.


Vegan Friendly
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real-y tasty
real-y versatile
dollop creamy

Real-y good with bursting berries or dolloped on top of your favourite dessert. Our vegan, plant-based dollop cream alternative has a silky smooth texture with a thick and creamy taste. For real.


Fruit, cakes, pancakes, waffles, crepes, mousse,
apple pie and more.

Loco dollop cream
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Sour Cream
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sour creamy

Real-y good dolloped on nachos, stirred through soups or to finish off wraps and tacos. Our vegan, plant-based sour cream alternative is authentically fermented with sour cream cultures creating a thick and Dollop Creamy tangy taste. For real.


 Nachos, crackers, wraps, dips, curries,
soups and pasta sauces.

Thickened Creamy

Real-y good poured over fruit, whipped on top of your favourite dessert, or splashed in creamy sauces, soups or delicious baking. Our vegan, plant-based thickened cream alternative has a silky smooth texture and is the perfect cream-y all-rounder. For real.


poured onto fruit, desserts, mashed potato and
whipped into pavlovas, mousses and desserts.

Loco Thickened Cream
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